David Colman - Director / Trainer

David has spent 30 years working as a senior manager specialising in business management, company frameworks, business planning, forecasting and delivery. He is adept at improving both company and sales team structures and excels at building, training and motivating sales teams to become and remain successful with a proven record of substantially increasing income. 


David has a long history in sales and Real Estate and over 10 years experience in Franchise Management where he managed customer facing service delivery teams. Through this period he mentored, coached and trained multiple high performing sales teams across as many as 112 businesses. 


Now, David is a mentor and trainer to many high performing agents, guiding and assisting them in this ever changing market, ensuring they are ahead of their competition.

David has an exceptional ability in management and implementation of plans, ideas, services and products across multiple businesses. He is skilled in negotiation, closing, auctions and customer service expertise.


David is also an experienced public speaker able to converse with and mentor small teams through to engaging large audiences at industry conferences and events.

David Colman

Mob +61 (0) 405 314 322


Skype : davidcolman2000